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After Sales Services

Installation & Commissioning

Our highly professional, experienced and skilled team erects, assembles the machine at the customer’s premise as per the agreed layout during the design approval process.

The team carefully examines the equipment, performs the necessary test as per the industry standards, integrates with the customer’s specific systems and hands over the equipment for mass production.

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We gladly provide training on the operation and maintaining  our machines. Our expert engineers and service technicians, many with several decades of hands-on experience, are always ready to assist you and your workforce in ensuring smooth running of the machine.

We customise all of our training courses to the exact requirements of the customer and are able to deliver training at our company before the machines are dispatched and again in your company during the commissioning.

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High Quality Spare Parts

Machine breakdown can cause substantial financial loss. With our stock of critical spare parts, we ensure maximum uptime for your broaching machines.

With original spare parts and individually produced assemblies, we ensure the sustainable use of our machines.

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Service Hotline

For any service queries, we can be reached on our Service Hotline between Monday to Saturday from 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Mr. Sohil Pillay / Mr. Siddhim Kadam

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